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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Ok where to start .......
Yes I am only 4ft10 and 1/2 so I qualify as a Hobbit. One day I will share the story as to why I am called MommaHobbit. For now you get rambling and that  is the way it is.
So have you ever thought about growing old? I mean the nitty gritty stuff.  I now at almost 50 find myself more vocal about how I see things. I also find myself way more comfortable in my skin. I see pants hanging down and hats on in the house disrespectful. I do not like change. PERIOD. Being set in my ways is okay with me. Oh I take milk in my coffee not some skim free 2 percent shit .Or however they say it. Since when did whipping cream become other than whipping cream? Look at a label. YUCK. Or however they say it. I like Butter .... okay I love butter and I really do not care how you feel about it. If I kill myself with fat I die happy.  I also find that I do not understand the word ORGANIC. Oh shit I said it .... do not get me started. Organic now used to be farm grown. Can I break it down that simple ? I long for the days when you got food from the farm down the road , not from a supermarket... listed as something you really do not understand. Okay here is another one.... There is power in every house because " THEY" told us we needed to get up in the middle of the night and turn a light on. There are other options ... in case you did not know.  I have been " off grid" almost 2 years. Yes it was a learning curve. No I will NEVER NEVER go back to being on the grid. As long as I can think and function I will live off of big brothers grid.  maybe i better stop for today ... but no worries I will be back!